Open Research and ideas

Contributions are always welcome. Fell free to contact me or any other contributor and ask for a read & edit link. Source files, codes, experiments and everything we used in each project is usually open.

Working papers

Highlighted repositories (data and code)

  • Check OptFrame, it contains most part of my research codes as some of its Examples.
    • Hybrid Forecasting Model - HFM
      • Check it inside the OptFrame, as one of its Examples.
    • The neighborhood guided evolution strategies
      • Check it inside the OptFrame, as one of its implemented and reproducible metaheuristic.
  • Operations research techniques for optimization direct marketing campaigns
    • Code repository:
  • Power dispataching in mini/microgrid using electric vehicles
    • SPOOLS code repository:
    • MILP model:
  • EEG time series learning and classification - The development of a new Biometric system and brain signals recognition
    • Code repository is currently the same of the HFM, it available as an example inside the forecasting framework.
  • Combinatorial optimization problems resolution and techniques for tackling them
    • Most part of the codes are available inside the OptFrame.

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“We are also the giants. We are living a continuous endless timeline of happiness and learning :)”

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